This is the photo that I use to promote my good self to all and Sunderland in the world of comedy and acting.  It’s old, I don’t have that colour hair or style anymore and I’ve gained a chin but it’ll do.


This, on the other hand, is what I looked like 2 minutes before I went on stage.

Note the dilated pupils and the look of sheer {is that spelling right?!} terror on this faux gingers face.

If you came to see my show last week I thank you very much.  If you didn’t: You’re all assholes.

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Who’s with me?

April 24, 2012

My show will be on in 24 hrs.

This time tomorrow I will be on stage trying out shit, making people laugh, crapping myself and no doubt messing up my career {again}

I really think you should all be a part of it as it’s going to be groundbreaking and no doubt also humiliating.

‘There must be evidence’

written by and staring Ms. D herself

Wednesday 25th April @ 9.30pm 

Etc Theatre in Camden.

Tickets ~ £5
Surprise yourself by supporting me.  I really think we’ll both benefit from it.
I am planning on doing this after the show if you want to join me in doing the same then you are more than welcome.
See y’all tomorrow yeah??

Me do new show

April 18, 2012

I’ve been in Africa looking at these:


Now I’m back and I’m doing a one woman show and will be looking a little like this:


I think we all know what this means.  It means

a) I will have stories of Africa to bore you with

b) For the sake of my art and for your entertainment I will be making myself look unattractive

Come, it’s going to be a fikkin’ blast!!!

One night.  One body.  One missing head.
One Detective Inspector attempting to catch the ‘sick bastard’ killer.  One passionate community police officer in charge of the crime scene.  One eye witness needing some help to give evidence.  Five unusual suspects…..all played by one woman.
‘The Killing’ meets ‘Poirot’ meets ‘The League of gentlemen’.  A dark but funny character comedy from Andrea Donovan

‘Andrea Donovan is excellent’ The Stage
Donovan is obviously an accomplished performer’ Fest magazine

‘Wickedly funny’ The List

 ‘There must be evidence’ is on Wednesday 25th April @ 9.30pm @ Etc Theatre in Camden.
Tickets ~ 5pm
Booking is highly advisable and can be done by clicking right here and should be done right now!!

That’s it.  You can go now.

Tanks, tanks a mill.